Using the financial support portal

To log in to the financial support portal, you must use your student portal / Microsoft login. Your student portal login is your student number followed by e.g. and the password you created when you started using the student portal.

If you've forgotten your password or haven't logged into the student portal, you can reset it here. Please note that this will reset your main student password (i.e. for the student portal, college computers, LEARN).

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't login in!

If you are unable to login, please email a screenshot to with your student number and we'll be able to look into this for you.

What can I apply for on the financial support portal?

You can apply for our financial support and the CWA Travel Subsidy through the financial support portal. Further details on what is included can be found here.

When should I complete my application?

To help ensure that your financial support (and transport, if applicable) isn't affected, it's really important that you apply for financial support or the CWA Travel Subsidy before you start your course, preferably before the end of July. It's really easy to do and it's much better to get the application in, even if you don't have all the required evidence yet.

Academic Year Sep 2023 / Aug 2024

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To log in, click below and sign in using your student portal login (your student number followed by e.g. If you haven't logged in to the student portal before, you can create / reset your password here.